Born in 1970 at Alsfeld (Federal State of Hesse), Germany, Marco Rühl studied German language and literature, French, and media analysis at University of Marburg-on-Lahn (Fed. State of Hesse), Germany, from 1990 through 1992. He then abandoned media analysis and, after a nearly two months stay at St. Petersburg State University's Study Center "Rossika" at Pskov, Russian Federation, went on to study French, Russian, and German literatures and cultures at Sorbonne University, Paris, France, from 1992 through 1993. He took his Licencié degree (equivalent, roughly, to B.A.) in French and comparative literature in June 1993.

Back to Germany, at University of Freiburg (Federal State of Baden-Wurttemberg), he had to abandon Russian literature because of curriculum regulations of the university, and he took his Masters degree in French and Romance languages and literatures as well as in German language and literature in December 1994.

Starting January 1995, he turned to linguistic analysis and to language philosophy rather and prepared a doctoral dissertation, supervised by professor Wolfgang Raible, on Argumentieren und Autorität. Untersuchungen zu argumentativer Sprachverwendung in asymmetrischen Kommunikationssituationen (Arguing and Authority. Investigations on argumentative language use in asymmetrical communication situations  - - sorry, the text linked above is only in German). This research was made possible by a scholarship granted by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Association for Research) in the scope of a Graduiertenkolleg (graduate program) associated with the Sonderforschungsbereich (Corporate Research Center) #321 Übergänge und Spannungsfelder zwischen Mündlichkeit und Schriftlichkeit (Transitions and Tensions between the Oral and the Written); and part of the research was carried out at the Vakgroep Taalbeheersing (Speech Communication department) of University of Amsterdam in the scope of the international study program Discourse and Argumentation Study and supervised by professors Frans Hendrik van Eemeren and Rob Grootendorst. Marco Rühl took his Ph.D. in June 1997.

Currently, he is affiliated with the École Normale Supérieure de Fontenay/St-Cloud (Paris), France, and works as a Maître de langue (comparable to a lecturer) of German at the German department. There, he is also the department's webmaster (however, since the site he has created is an Intranet site, there is no point in linking it). Research co-operation goes on both with the department of Romance languages and literatures at University of Freiburg and with the Freiburg Pragmatic Colloquium.

As to his extra-curricular interests, he is at least as interested in computers and the Internet as having his own homepage on the Web (acknowledgements are to professor Raible for making it possible to publish it). There are people who tell him that he is a maniac of foreign languages (currently he is heading for the dozen, and still counting...) and of foreign cultures. Accordingly, the collection of his favorite links that will appear here soon will include mostly travel and tourism related links.

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January 21, 1999