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Prof. Rolf Kailuweit
Romance language linguistics and media studies
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System linguistics

In the field of system linguistics, my close contacts are within the community of Role and Reference Grammar (RRG), particularly the founder, the typologist Robert Van Valin, who has been working in both Buffalo (USA) and Düsseldorf (Germany) since 2007. Based on the presumptions I formulated in my postdocturate dissertation, I would like to continue concentrating on the relationship between semantics and syntax . It is within this context that Eva Staudinger is writing her PhD dissertation on the diachrony of expressions of pain in French. I myself am currently working on a project in relation to the diachrony of split-intransivity in Gallo- and Iberian-Romance languages, dealing primarily with the semantic and frequency based indicators for the dismantling of the conjugation with BE.

Together with Stefan Pfänder I have obtained a DFG sponsorship, within the framework of the Corpus Project “World French”, for the analysis of Corsican French, This project should provide reliable material for research in system linguistics and, on the other hand, document special phenomena about the interface of spoken and written language that could be interesting for media and theoretical studies of language variation.

Finally, I am working together with the Argentinean linguist Ángela di Tulio as regards the Rio de la Plata Region as a language and culture area. An aspect of this work is the systematic linguistic explanation of the Rio de la Plata variety of Spanish. For this, I am arranging a colloquium in March 2009 at the FRIAS institute.